Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who Supports Duncan Hunter?

I noticed on the blog of one of our local Reactionaries (anonymous, as they tend to be, but known to be an officer of the local GOP) that he supports Duncan Hunter. Now, I don’t know to much about Congressman Hunter except for some of the wild and crazy things he’s been quoted as saying, both before he was mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for President and after. I like to be informed so I started looking around the Internet and if I were you I wouldn’t be placing any bets on Hunter to even finish in the top 3 of that race, never mind win. It looks like he might have a few, um, ethical problems.

So who does support Duncan Hunter? I had to chuckle at one of the comments left on the blog linked above, which I’ll quote:
"Sorry, but rural hick white supremacists are the people who are voting for Hunter. If more of everyone else would actually get out and vote, he wouldn't be in office."

Hmm. Explains a lot.

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