Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Laughable Reactionaries

Don’t you have to laugh sometimes at how ridiculous some of our local Reactionary Bloggers are? There’s one meathead--I won’t name him, but he’s infamous for using a phony identity, including (until his fraud was exposed) passing himself off as a lawyer, on his blog--who is upset, apparently, by a news story he read somewhere about homosexuals being allowed to marry in Disneyland. It seems he doesn’t want children to be exposed to such horrors as same-sex couples exchanging vows of love and commitment in public. I suppose that means he wants homosexuals hidden away or, better yet, eliminated altogether (although doesn’t that sound a bit like the “final solution” one mid-twentieth century European nut tried?).

One visitor left a comment on that blog, anonymously (understandable, given the ridicule the Reactionaries heap on the unsuspecting), asking what was so wrong about love and commitment. To which the blog owner, the aforementioned phony-identity-masquerading-as-a-lawyer Reactionary, responded by criticizing the commenter for hiding behind his anonymity. (Big laugh!!) And another vulgar local Reactionary commented that they were only trying to protect marriage so that couples would produce more Americans. Huh? (Another big laugh!) No one has yet to make an argument that isn’t completely circular as to why same-sex unions are in any way harmful to the institution of marriage, and there certainly is zero sense to what this Reactionary says about procreation. If he wants to father a bunch of little bigoted- Americans (which, under his influence, they’re sure to be), he’s free to do that and he can teach them all the hate and nonsense he pleases. One thing has nothing to with the other. Maybe someone around here should offer a free course in logic so some of these cavemen (and cavewomen) could do a better job of arguing their positions--except of course they’d discover that their positions are unsupportable.

I do try to laugh at these people, but it saddens me that there is so much intolerance in my community. If the conservatives want to talk about tax policy and health care and social security and Iraq, that’s fine. I understand that people have different opinions on these issues and we should be able to debate them. But when they fill their rhetoric with ridicule and bigotry--whether it is hatred of homosexuals or Moslems or secularists or, for that matter, Democrats--then it’s impossible to keep a straight face. They just sound ridiculous, and the joke’s on them.

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Staff said...

Our best weapon against Republican bloggers is, ironically, Republican bloggers.

I used to send undecided friends to the A-Team site. They always decided to vote Democratic after they saw what the Republican Party was about.