Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Say It With Me Now: Gonzales Must Go!

I do get a chuckle when I read the nonsense on some of the Reactionary Blogs. I know I just posted about that, but the foolishness just keeps coming. For example, here's one blogger who is still trying to make the case (I'm sure the original idiocy came from Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly), that Clinton fired 93 U.S. Attorneys, so what's the big deal about 8? Check out the flawed logic of Johnathan Maxfield.

Alex, Alex, Alex, try to keep up, willya? Did you read the comments left on SWAC Girl’s ill-informed post? A whole lot of people politely corrected the misinformation she repeated after hearing it from Rush, or Billo, or some other talking head who is more interested in stirring up the rabid reactionary right than dealing in truth. Yes, Clinton accepted the resignations of all 93 U.S. Attorneys when he came into office. So did Bush One, so did Bush Two. Nobody cared when Bill did it. Nobody cared when George I did it. Nobody cared when George II did it.

But this is different. U.S. Attorneys are supposed to be independent officers of the court and can only be dismissed for cause. What Gonzales did, on Bush’s behalf, was fire these supposedly independent officers of the court because they weren’t pushing Bush’s political agenda. Gonzales should be fired. And before long, if the administration isn’t more forthcoming on this issue, you’re going to hear a chorus of “Impeach Bush!”

[On an even funnier note, Maxfield and his Reactionary Blogging Buddies are also upset about some language used by a "liberal" blogger. Have they seen their fellow-traveller Steve Harkonnen's blog lately? Or read a book? Or seen a movie? And besides, get a life.]

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OK: Gonzales Must Go