Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cox v. Hanger v. Sime

Now that the sideshow is over, we can all focus on the main event: the November general election. The SWACtionaries can rationalize and backpedal all they want, but the fact is they pulled out all the stops for their man Sayre, the proved themselves to be vile and unethical, they twisted the facts not only about Emmett Hanger's positions but their own candidate's background, and they lost. I don't expect those wackos to become Democrats (we don't need that kind of hate-filled rhetoric anyway), but I assume that Senator Hanger, if he has a shred of integrity, will not welcome their participation in the Fall campaign. They should now just go away.

And the people who are speculating that David Cox will back off now that Hanger is the GOP candidate are delusional. The Democratic Party does not support Emmett Hanger. Our candidates for all offices will be supporting David Cox, and David Cox is in it to win it. What will be differentiate the Fall campaign from the muddy GOP primary is that it will be--unless the SWACtionaries step in where they aren't wanted--clean and about the issues. It will be about who can best represent the interests of the citizens of the 24th District, and the whole Commonwealth, not whose backers have the loudest most insidious voices.

Let the real discussion begin.

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