Thursday, June 14, 2007

Come the Revolution

I'm a little slow on the uptake this week, but I loved yesterday's editorial in the Staunton News Leader that has already been widely reported. I think it's spot on, although since I'm not a Republican (not that there was ever any doubt), it isn't going to be my place to dislodge the current leadership of the local GOP committees. It seems to me that the local Republican elected officials, together with the committees, should make that choice. However, as I said yesterday, I'm expecting an issues-orientated, respectful debate among the three candidates for Senate in the 24th, and if Emmett Hanger allows any of the SWACtionary bloggers to campaign on his behalf then all bets will be off. He should put as much distance between himself and them as he possibly can. Their views and, as importantly, their tactics are not good for the voters in this district. Let's all say goodbye to SWAC Girl, John Maxfield, SpankthatDonkey and General Grievous' Dog.

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