Sunday, May 13, 2007

Truth in Blogging

Recently, a few Augusta County Reactionary blogs have posted a FALSIFIED photograph that replaces an anti-war message with what purports to be a logo. I find the Reactionary fear of to be hilarious--it's been called, among other things, "radical," when that couldn't be further from the truth. It's a wonderful organizing tool for progressives and I'm grateful for it. So I'm sure the good Democrats pictured above have no objection to being associated with, but I personally object to the misleading, manipulated photograph that is the stock in trade of General Grievous'[sic] Dog and his lackey JohnathanMaxfield. So I reproduce here the actual photograph (unaltered) from the Rockbridge Weekly showing Lee Godfrey (a candidate for Supervisor from the Beverley Manor District in Augusta County) and Bob Dickerman (a retired Foreign Service Officer), peacefully protesting Bush's illegal and arrogant war.


Mad Hatter said...

I thought it was obvious that the photo was doctored. You could tell that the logo wasn't centered and it had a different color white around the logo.

Were people really fooled?

Don't give JMax and Grievous' attention they don't deserve.

General Grievous' Dogs said...

Are you stupid or just plain ignorant? Go to the Dog’s post and you will see that it links to the "Original Source: Picture of Lee Godfrey and Bob Dickerman." For this, I have to run the Sponge Bob graphic again. Cliff, Cliff, Cliff… I thought we were friends.

P.S. I demand you take this post down …. Well, maybe not…I like it… keep it up.

Unknown said...

Now, now, Dog. Name calling doesn't become you. And of course I saw the "original source" link--that's how I got the genuine picture. You think I subscribe to Rockbridge Weekly? I find your photoshopping childish and while Mad Hatter and I are smart enough to know the picutre you posted is a fake, I can't say the same for all of the folks who visit your blog, or Maxfield's. What happened to the voiceless, Dog? Or was that a lie, too?