Sunday, May 13, 2007

More on "Photogate"

Frankly, I don't think it's that big a deal because it's a daily occurrence with the Reactionary bloggers in SWAC (the "SWACtionaries"?), but Richmond Democrat has picked up on my last post and carried it a bit further. And of course General Grievous’[sic] Dog followed through on his promise to retaliate. What’s funny on his site, though, is a visit and comment by the ever-talented SpankthatDonkey, who finds my criticism of the doctored picture evidence of the “intellect of the left.” I find any comment by Donkey (Chris Green) about intellect to be hilarious, although I don’t suppose that’s what he intended. On his blog he tries to argue constitutional history without having a clue what it’s really about--he’s obviously getting his talking points right from Rush Limbaugh or some other Neanderthal (no offense to cavemen), he bashes all things French because . . . I have no idea why (because they had the sense to oppose us on Iraq?), and best of all his blog has the dumbest name in all the blogosphere. This is a guy who stands for nothing except ridicule and anti-progress. And his idea of humor is probably sitting around making prank phone calls with a teenaged blogger who thinks he’s a lawyer. Okay, that's enough blogging fun for a Sunday, and tomorrow I get back to substance.

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