Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not All Conservatives Are Boneheads

Just for laughs, I do check in periodically at SWACGirlJohnathanMaxfieldRightsideVaSpankthatDonkey and even General Grievous’ [sic] Dog because I think it’s useful to know what nonsense and lies the local reactionary bloggers are spreading. It’s frustrating, because even when errors are pointed out to them they refuse to correct them, and they use doctored photographs that leave their readers with misinformation. (One commenter there recently called me a "joke" and although I didn't like the way this particular asshole said it, it was in fact naive of me to think that Kurt Michael, or whoever GGD really is, would retract the lie.) I hope most people know that anything they read at those blogs is unreliable, but I fear that isn’t the case. [By the way, no links to them here; if you want to see for yourself how crazy these folks are you’ll have to find them yourself.]

But not all conservatives are boneheads. In fact the folks I’ve referred to above give the conservatives a bad name—they’re beyond conservative, way beyond Republican even, which is why I generally call them the Reactionaries. But if I want to read a rational argument from the right, there are a few places I can go and get reasonably good information. One of those places is Andrew Clem, who eschews the shrillness of those other bloggers. And of course they attack him for that. It figures. (And of course he may even get some grief because I’ve said he’s got a respectable blog; sorry, Andrew.) All I ask for is truth and logic. Give me that and we can get along fine.

UPDATE: Contrary to my expectations, General Grievous' Dog did take down the post that I considered to be false. I apologize for doubting. I still don't love the Sponge Bob thing, but I can live with that. Thanks, Mr. Dog.

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Mosquito said...

You have definitely hit the nail on the head with this post.

I have chosen to ignore these sorts and "trust" that any "logical" person (of whatever political bent) will learn that these are riff raff propagandizers....and care nothing for truth, discussion, and unity of diverse Americans in order to create a better country.

It's interesting that blog net news gives them so much "cover." But then the owner of blog net news used to work for the Bush/Rove administration