Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Reactionary Lie

When you read SWAC Girl’s blog (which I shouldn't, but I can't help myself because the outrageous stuff she says cracks me up), basically you’re reading a work of fiction. As long as everyone understands that, there’s no problem. She calls it “semantics” but others would call it lying. Today, for example, she refers to the ribbing that Alex Davis (aka John Maxfield) has been getting over at Daily Whackjob. Now, I have to admit that there is some tasteless stuff there, but the basic point that Davis is from another, inhospitable planet (where logic is twisted and up is down) is undeniable. Yet SWAC Girl blames it all on "liberal lefties" or some such nonsense (anyone who disagrees with her is, I guess, a liberal), when in fact if she’d actually read the material she's attacking she’d see that a conservative member of the DWJ team was responsible for the original post (a conservative who's smart enough to know that Davis shouldn't be taken seriously). Since she doesn’t provide a link, her readers can’t learn for themselves that her post is FALSE.


Phil Chroniger said...

I do find that funny, because 2 of DWJ's posters, and many of those who comment, are conservatives...including me.

Unknown said...

Phil, thanks for stopping by. When I read this stuff (SWAC Girl, Maxfield, et al) all the time it's easy to forget that there are rational conservatives out there who can carry on a sensible conversation even if we disagree. I appreciate the reminder!

Unknown said...

Oh, and Phil you should check out the nonsense over at General Grievous' Dog's place. He's included you in his irrational abuse, and for some reason singled me out for special treatment. There's something seriously wrong with that dog.