Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memo to Reactionaries4Sayre: You Brought This On Yourselves

I have to agree with SWAC Girl and others that the comments circulating in the blogosphere about Scott Sayre's wife are inappropriate and irrelevant.

But, having said that, Scott Sayre should take note that his blogging supporters have created the environment in which such comments seemed acceptable to someone. It's called 'blowback.' For weeks now the supporters of Senator Hanger have seen SWAC Girl and Maxfield and SpankthatDonkey and others attack Senator Hanger's character, not just challenging him on the issues but twisting the facts and, it seems to me as a detached observer, lying about his record. Add to that the gang-tackle and pile-on tactics when anyone so much as breathes a word of objection to these misrepresentations, we see more attacks on the character of Hanger supporters, not to mention innocent bystanding Democrats who wish both Hanger and Sayre would just go away (and then get their yards vandalized for their trouble, presumably by Sayre's people). So, Reactionaries4Sayre, you get no sympathy from me. You started this ugly war and now you're stuck with it.


kestrel9000 said...

I happened to run into Hanger today, by random chance. He stopped by the ministore next to where I work, just grabbing a coffee and a sandwich. Having met him once before, it was easy to talk to him, so I mentioned that he might check out the post on Republitarian that SWACgirl is referring to.
That said, I finally, I think, have resolved a conundrum I've been chewing on for a while: who I'd like to see win the primary.
People who use the playbook Sayre appears to be using cannot function without a demon. This is because they have no ideas, and nothing to offer. Whether it is the demon of taxes, or the lib'rul Democrat Party or terr'ists, you take away their boogeyman and they have nothing left to offer.
Therefore, I've decided to hope sayre prevails. I'd like to see him use this sort of tactic against his opponent in the general election. I hope they try it.
Just more of the blowback you're talking about, and this time, it works in our favor. And they'll walk right into the jaws of that beast, because they don't know how to do anything else.
I, for one, have every intention of helping them along the way to their own implosion. It will be a pleasure.

Mosquito said...

Cowards and others who have major character flaws are known to not be able to take what they dish out.....

Blowback is a great teacher.....unfortunately I wonder if folks like SWAC GIRL's gang are open minded enough to learn a new lesson.

As I always say...."What goes around comes around...."


quasar10 said...

swacgirl, rightside, and friends have learned about blowback--they rarely write letters to the editor because their wacko views were soundly reputed. So, they prefer the blogs where they infect each others' minds with their tripe

Unknown said...

qusar10, mosquito, kestrel9000: yes!