Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Goodlatte on Goode

Apparently my Congressman (6th District-Virginia) Bob Goodlatte agrees with the bigotted, inflammatory remarks of Virgil Goode, in which Islam was equated with terrorism and newly ellected Congressman Keith Ellison was criticized for choosing to be sworn in with the Koran. Goode's remarks are unacceptable and he should be censured by the House of Representatives. I wrote to Bob Goodlatte asking him whether he agreed with his Republican colleague Goode. Goodlatte has not answered, nor have his views been reported in the press. I can only assume, therefore, that Goodlatte does agree and that he is just as guilty as Goode. Otherwise, let Goodlatte denounce Goode's bigotry or be dogged by this issue for the remainder of what I hope will be his last term in Congress.

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