Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now that the Storm is Over

Now that the firestorm is over and the Reactionary Bloggers no longer have Waldo to kick around—he has converted the public “Virginia Political Blogs” to the avowedly private “Waldo’s Virginia Political Blogroll”—we can all get back to the real subject that started the whole mess in the first place: the reactionary, absurd, intemperate, bigoted, ignorant, xenophobic, jingoistic, Christian-centric, fascist remarks of Virgil Goode (not to mention the shrill commentary of all the reactionary, absurd, etc. conservative bloggers who jumped to Goode’s defense). There is no reasonable defense of Goode. When the new Congress convenes he should be censured.

The question now is: what do our other Virginia public figures have to say on this subject? I know it’s a holiday week, but they’ve all been awfully quiet. Because I don’t live in Goode’s district (the 5th), I sent the following message to Bob Goodlatte who represents the 6th:
Dear Congressman Goodlatte: I am sure you are aware of Congressman Virgil Goode's recent comments about Islam and immigration and Congressman-elect Ellison. We in the 6th District would like to know whether you agree with Mr. Goode and, if not, what is your position on the issues he has raised.
No answer as yet but, as I said, it’s a holiday week and although the question is important, it’s probably not at the top of Bob’s agenda—understandably. If he ever does answer, I’ll let you know what he has to say.

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Mosquito said...

If the House is serious about cleaning up it's act censuring Virgil Goode is surely appropriate.

I hope all of Virginia's elected house representatives take the lead on censuring Goode.