Sunday, December 03, 2006

Keeping an Eye on the Reactionaries

The local Reactionaries have been blogging furiously both about Jim Webb’s response to George Bush at the recent White House reception for new Members of Congress (Webb was typically blunt, Bush typically snippy), but also about the usual nonsense: how rude and profane the “liberal bloggers” are (as if conservative bloggers don’t regularly drop obscenity bombs on blogs like mine); how the liberals are waging war on Christmas (a sure sign that the Reactionaries feel their sense of privilege weakening, as more non-white, non-Christians exert their influence in public life; which demonstrates clearly what is behind the Reactionary’s bristling—racism and xenophobia). One topic they’ve been quiet on so far, though, is that even Donald Rumsfeld and their hero George Bush seem to have come to the conclusion that the Iraq policy is in a shambles and needs a major overhaul. Which is what a lot of us have been saying from the beginning, which is what Jim Webb campaigned for Senate on. Which is probably going to give the Reactionaries a fit as they try to explain their devotion to this failed policy.


Anonymous said...

The opposition to Christmas comes from those who oppose the Christmas message which is God sending His Son into the world to save sinner from their sins. Sinners like the one doing this blog rather hold on to their sins, perversions, and drunkedness, rather than receive the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas may pass away and left wing philosphy surely will, but the message of Christ remains forever.
Bob Silling-Encounter Jesus Min.

Observer said...

The "opposition to Christmas", also known as The War on Christmas, exists in the fevered delusions of rightwing Christian fundamenalists.

The notion that saying "Merry Christmas" to a harried shopper at the Walmart checkout groaning under a load of presents made by child labor in China reflects the story of Christ's birth, life, and death is so bizarre as to beggar belief.

Even "Happy Holidays" is bizarre, unless we skip over the derivation from "holy days".

The notion that Santa and his elves are the Twelve Apostles in drag is insane.

A Christian life at Christmas would include going to church, giving to the poor, comforting the afflicted, and enabling medical care for the ailing, not blogging a warped worldview.

I would join Mr. Silling in wishing what we now call "Christmas" would fade away into "Wintertime Orgy of Giving Too Many Presents to People Who Don't Need Them".

Maybe then all of us who are Christians could celebrate Our Saviour's Birth.

What Silling calls "left-wing philosophy" actually embodies Christ's concerns for the least amongst us, so I hope that is not swept away by trickle down economics and the ownership society (what's mine is....).

Merry Christmas, Mr. Silling. May Christ's blessing be upon you, even if you get a lump of coal in your "Christmas" stocking.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by. I do find Mr. Silling's views--and the views of other Christian fundamentalists--that Christianity is somehow under attack to be twisted, at best. Personally, I like "Season's Greetings" because it is inclusive, and recognizes that not all of my friends and neighbors celebrate Christmas. I don't quite buy "Jesus is the reason for the Season"--a sign that I see around these parts--because winter solstice celebrations preceded Jesus by a couple of thousand years. Anyway, thanks for addressing Mr. Silling, although I doubt that he'll listen.

Observer said...

Clifford Garstang said...
Anyway, thanks for addressing Mr. Silling, although I doubt that he'll listen.


Actually, despite my harsh words, I think there is a lot Mr. Silling and I would agree on. I know we disagree on who's a sinner and whose job it is to punish sinners. And I bet my labels for him offend him as much as his for me.

But we are both Christians, and believe in forgiveness for sins, redemption and salvation, and a life eternal. I am probably less sure about how this works than he, but we are on the same page.

Anyway, I'll wish you both a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy Holidays" and blessings unto you both.