Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jim Webb in the NYT Magazine

Senator-elect Jim Webb is featured in the New York Times Magazine today and in the accompanying picture he is almost—but not quite—smiling! Check out Questions for James Webb.

In response to a question about his now famous exchange with George Bush at the White House: “I think what I said was appropriate.”

Why did you switch parties: “A lot of people have left the Republican Party because they went over there on national-security issues and were never comfortable on other issues—social issues or issues of economic fairness—and now are beginning to see that the Democrats can have a stronger position on foreign policy.”

Do you have a timetable for getting out of Iraq: “I have a totally different view of timetables than most people. What we need before we start withdrawing large numbers of troops is some sort of a diplomatic environment in which we can decide how withdraw our troops.”

It seems to me that Jim Webb is going to be a terrific Senator.

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