Monday, November 13, 2006

My First Death Threat?

I admit that it is fun to stir up the hornets' nest that is the swarm of local rabid Republicans, but maybe it's more dangerous than I thought. As noted elsewhere in this space, I suggested on a reactionary blog that a more civil dialogue would be welcome. I was rebuffed--childishly--and then posted the following:
"Fortunately, Steve, not all Republicans in the District are as vicious and unkind as you and SWAC Girl. You can gloat all you want about the District voting for Allen (an attitude that has already made our area the butt of jokes about ignorant rednecks), but a whole lot of your neighbors voted for Webb, and we care just as much, if not more, about the future of the state and the country. So why don't you try to engage us in civil discussion instead of constantly spewing the disrespectful nonsense that you are so well-known for. It's not productive and eventually it will backfire on you, if it hasn't already."
This prompted more childish taunts, including the following post from SWAC Girl (Lynn Mitchell, who has her own reactionary blog):
"You believe this guy?! Maybe he would be more at home living in NOVA. As to his "Redneck" comment ... maybe he would like to take a ride to our rural areas and make that comment.... Hope he knows how to use a weapon so he'll fit in with the good old boys ... er ... rednecks. Target practice, anyone? :)"
Now, there are several things interesting about this comment. First, I didn't call anyone a "redneck," but SWAC Girl clearly did. Second, I chose to live in this part of Virginia and I have a right to my opinion, except obviously "outsiders" are not welcome in the Republic of SWAC. And third, despite the emoticon, the language of SWAC Girl's comment sounds to me like a threat. Threats by gun-toting radicals should always be taken seriously, in my view, so if someone wants to foreward this exchange to the Augusta County Sheriff's Department, go right ahead.

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