Sunday, November 19, 2006

Leave If You Don't Like It?

A letter to the editor in the News Leader this week suggested in no uncertain terms that those of us who are upset that the so-called marriage amendment to Virginia's Bill of Rights passed should move to a state where our views are in line with the majority. Some of our local reactionary bloggers said something similar recently, suggesting that I might be more comfortable in NOVA (Northern Virginia) than here in conservativeland. I suppose Democrats are guilty of such sentiments when they are in the majority and dealing with a vocal minority, but it's just plain stupid. We all live here together. We're all citizens. We all vote and we all have a right to our opinions, and a right to voice them. Telling me to move to another state is tantamount to telling me to shut up, and I don't like it. So I say to the reactionaries, if you don't like living in a place where the minority is protected from the tyranny of the majority, maybe you'd be happier in a totalitarian country somewhere. Oh, wait. That's exactly what they're after here. I forgot.


Anonymous said...

Now what do you know about the people, Garstang? You represent only yourself! And that precious status quo you keep imploring on the people for their own good, is nothing more than the eternal preservation of your own self interests.

Unknown said...

Huh? "John Adams"--that makes no sense. And which status quo are you referring to, exactly? I'm a progressive, remember? The status quo is definitely not something I'm in favor of preserving, at least not here in Virginia where we Democrats want to move "Forward Together."

Anonymous said...

You are not progressive. You are sinful. You are troting you sins as progressive. There is nothing progressive about sin. Jesus died for the sins of progressives and those who you call reactionaries. Both need Him. By the way, I am glad your side lost on the Marriage Amendment. The right side won, and I don't mean right wingers either.
Bob Silling-Encounter Jesus Min.