Friday, July 06, 2007

Impeach Bush!

I was prepared to hold my nose for the next 563 days to avoid the huge battle that will come with a move to impeach George Bush, even though I believe he has violated the law and the Constitution repeatedly. And his commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence doesn't exactly come as a surprise, but I was really hoping he wouldn't do it. It is so clearly the wrong thing to do. Libby lied. He probably lied to protect Dick Cheney. And now Bush is paying Libby back for his loyalty. And what that confirms for me is this: not only is George Bush the Worst President in History, he is also near the top in corruption. So although it will be an emotional drain on the country, I think we have to do it. Impeach Bush! Impeach Bush! Impeach Bush!


Dave said...

Three chilling words why I don't want to see Bush impeached and removed from office: President Dick Cheney.

That's enough for me to let him stay, as sad as that seems.

Unknown said...

Here's the thing, RR. I doubt that impeachment proceedings would really remove Bush from office -- the "majority" in the Senate is too slim. But having said that, I have no problem with impeaching both at the same time. They are partners in crime, after all.

Brian said...

Good for President Bush.

Unknown said...

rabble rouser..i agree with u. if impeaching Pres Bush means Pres Cheney then it will be a bigger disaster so the smart thing will be to impeach em both..

majority of americans now favor impeaching Pres Bush..among them more are in favor of impeaching Cheney..

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