Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cox is Not an "In-Case-of-Emergency" Candidate

Just saw a post at Anne Taetzch's In-Politically Correct that was so disingenuous it was practically vomit-inducing. First, she wilfully misinterprets the Chris Graham interview with David Cox at The New Dominion this morning. There is no "in-case-of-emergency" aspect of Cox's candidacy. Emmett Hanger is not a Democrat and isn't acceptable to the Democratic Party. David Cox plans to battle for election to the Virginia Senate NO MATTER WHICH REPUBLICAN wins the Republican primary. Make no mistake--both Hanger and Sayre are Republicans and the People need a Democrat. I believe that and so does David Cox.

The other thing that was sickening about Anne Taetzch's comment was the phony underdog pose. Haven't Sayre's people been claiming their guy is the frontrunner? Don't they claim that all Republicans in the world except for their own party's elected officials support Sayre? If that's true, how can you be surprised when anyone suggests that, gosh, Sayre might be the candidate? You all might not have so many enemies in your own party if you'd just talk straight.

Let me say this again. The Democrats don't care who the Republican nominee is.

David Cox is in it to win it.


Anne Taetzsch Fitzgerald said...

Hey Clifford--the name is Elle NOT Ann. I appreciate that you read what I have to say, but this conspiracy theory nonsense is just that--nonsense.

And BTW--how else would you interpret
Cox's statement "It depends on what the Republicans decide"?

Unknown said...

"Elle," then, or Ann, whatever:

Um, who said anything about a conspiracy?

And the interpretation of David Cox's comments is obvious: any campaign will be tailored depending on who the opponent is. If Hanger wins, we attack his record. If Sayre wins, we attack his lack of record. It's not complicated.