Sunday, June 17, 2007

Are the SWACtionaries Capable of Making Their Case Without Distortion?

SWAC Girl (Lynn Mitchell, one of the officers—-for the moment, anyway-—of the Augusta County Republican Committee) just can't help herself, it would seem, after a few months of twisting the truth on behalf of Scott Sayre. In one of her frequent self-congratulatory blog posts recently, she includes the following lie (or distortion, or mis-representation, or just a stupid mistake):
"Many home school classrooms include The Ten Commandments, the Bible, the American flag, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and prayer ... things that are often not allowed in government-run public schools."
Now I'm reasonably certain that classrooms in U.S. public schools are universally allowed to have an American flag, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (which, someone should remind Lynn, is part of the Constitution. It is true though, thanks to the Constitution we all hold dear, that schools should not display either a Bible or the Ten Commandments, or impose "prayer" per se. For which I'm grateful, since that would constitute the establishment of religion. But the rest of what Lynn has to say on this subject is just plain wrong. Does the distortion ever end?

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Mosquito said...

I doubt Swac girl and her crew are mature enough to even understand the importance of getting the facts and information correct BEFORE forming an opinion on something. D'uh....

The only thing that matters to Swac girl and her crew is to WIN at any cost....even if it means self destruction....or totally destroying our planet with a nuclear war. It's no surprise that she and her crew have created those silly Win in Iraq yard signs. I be these guys had a previous life where they got a lot of experience under Goebbels....

Claire Gastanaga said...

The following are required in every Virginia classroom not in a home,

1) the American flag and the pledge of allegiance 22.1-202;

2) a daily minute of silence,designed to encourage the right of every pupil to the free exercise of religion while on school grounds, 22.1-203,

3) character education (including the Golden Rule (based on the 10 commandments as I recall), patriotism and respect for the law, 22.1-208.01,

Comparative religion is an authorized elective, 22.1-202.1,

And, student initiated prayer is allowed in public schools by law, 22.1-203.1,

All that seems to be missing from the SWAC Girl list is the compulsory reading by teachers and students of "her" particular prayer or mantra.

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by and for this great list. You clearly know your stuff.

I'm glad you mentioned the Golden Rule, too, since it is a principle that the SWACtionaries commonly ignore. I think, though, while it encompasses the Ten Commandments, it actually predates them and is found in more or less the same form in all major religions and cultures.