Thursday, May 24, 2007


I read with interest today at Alex Davis's blog about the record of Senate candidate Scott Sayre in the war on terror (back in the 80s, before Alex was born, before the so-called "War on Terror" existed) and I had to wonder if the army is where he learned his skills at decorating sycamore trees with toilet paper--surely this is an accepted counter-terrorism tactic, a warning to the bad guys: "we know where you live and the next time we'll hit you with our big stuff--the paper towels." Oh, wait, it probably wasn't Sayre himself who vandalized my yard Tuesday night. But does he know what his supporters are doing when they're not flinging mud at Emmett Hanger? If he's really the respectable businessman we've been led to believe he is, he'll rein his munchkins in.

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