Thursday, May 24, 2007

Toilet Paper Shortage in SWAC?

Late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning I had an unwelcome visitor to my home who did something that hasn’t happened to me since the late ’60s (when I was a teenager): he/she tee-peed my yard. I came out as usual around 6:30 AM to get the paper and there it was, about a dozen rolls “decorating” the big sycamore in front of my house, the two big pine trees and some smaller trees as well as the fence around my yard. A couple of rolls were inside the fenced area where my dog had already found them and started chewing—which could have been fatal if I hadn’t been there to take them away from him (Picture a roll of toilet paper in a dog’s stomach as it absorbs moisture and expands. Not pretty.)

Who do you suppose would pull such a juvenile stunt?

Well, let’s see. I live a pretty quiet life here in Augusta County. I work at home and I live alone so I have to assume that I was the target. My main local community activity is with the Democratic Committee along with the nearly fulltime job of following the SWAC Reactionary Bloggers (SWAC Girl, Johnathan Maxfield, Spank that Donkey, General Grievous’ [sic] Dog, especially) and trying to educate them while pointing out their errors (of fact and logic) and/or their lies. They have frequently been childish on their blogs and in comments left on the blogs of others.

So: two guesses (I bet you'll only need one) who did it?

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