Monday, May 21, 2007

"Most Radical of Radical Liberal Groups"

SWAC Girl has some hilarious stuff today. She must have been tortured by someone as a child because she sure has grown up to be a frightened adult. Every Moslem is a terrorist out to kill her, she seems to think; every European is a communist; every public school teacher wants to indoctrinate children and feed them--horror!--evolution; and ever Democrat is a hated liberal. Not to mention that she's convinced herself that is a "radical" organization or, as she posted today, "the most radical of radical liberal groups." Are they planning to toss bombs in health clinics, like some of her anti-choice friends do from time to time? Are they planning to blow up a federal building because they don't like government interference in their right to bear arms? Come on, Mrs. Mitchell! Somebody is playing you for a fool if they've convinced you that deserves to be called "radical." It's a community organizing tool. So what if they're paying a few interns to help out? What's wrong with that? You're participating in someone's smear campaign and, once again, spreading lies. What a joke.

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