Thursday, May 24, 2007

Does Evil Justify Evil?


SWAC Girl says:
“Don't even begin to complain to me about America "torturing" prisoners of war when we continue to find our American soldiers tortured and killed by terrorists in Iraq.”
Which sounds to me like she wants America to imitate the terrorists, to ignore our own principles and Constitution, to reject international norms and treaties, and basically to become like the terrorists we say we are fighting. George Bush has already turned America into a rogue nation. SWAC Girl wants us to carry out our own brand of terrorism. If that happens, we’ve lost--not just this war but our place in history as a great country. That's apparently what she wants, but I believe most Americans have higher standards for our own behavior.

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Mosquito said...

I never expect to hear "wisdom" from America's own version of Al Queda....there are extremists in the neocon and/or right wing Christian faction that are of the same ilk as what's happening in the mid