Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I shouldn’t gloat because it’s not like it never happens in Democratic Party Committees, but I can’t help chuckling over all the infighting among the Republicans in Staunton and Augusta County (and probably Waynesboro, too, for all I know; at least that would round out SWAC). Since I don’t have personal contact with any of those folks--other than accidental--all I know is what I read in the blogs, but there has been a particularly nasty exchange in Spank that Donkey. The SWACtionaries (my new term for the local Reactionaries) have pounced on Andrew Clem, a calmer local blogger whose crime, apparently, is that he supports the incumbent senator instead of the insurgent challenger favored by the extremists in their coming primary. Apparently the committee meetings have included lots of fireworks. [Among the accusations being made there, by one Thomas D., is that Clem has a connection to me, and through me to MoveOn. Thomas D., you’re clueless. I don’t attack Clem personally the way your SWACtionary friends do because he writes rationally on his blog. From what I’ve read, there isn’t anything we agree on other than the need for civility in social discourse. It’s clear that none of the SWACtionaries has the same belief, which is a pitty, but it's the reason the rest of the blogsophere considers them all a joke.] Then there’s a post on SWAC Girl that goes over some of the same ground and makes the Staunton chair out to be some kind of a saint. Not from what I've heard.

I can understand why Maxfield behaves like a kid. He is one. But the rest of you need to grow up.


Anonymous said...

Blogs like Spank that Donkey and General Grievous Dog are childish crap, and an anonymous poster can call you anything he wants and there's nothing you can do about it. I could say Alex Davis is the love-child of Kurt Michael and Lynn Mitchell (ugh, what a thought, the devil's spawn) and who could complain? But the people who blog there just look like idiots.
At least Lynn Mitchell at SWAC Girl, for all her snarkiness and extremism, doesn't engage in the childishness her pals Alex, Chris and Kurt do. Even Steve Kijak usually tries to stick to the issues, as twisted as his opinions are. But somebody ought to paddle those other bozos.

Unknown said...

Well, now, NKR--you could say that if you want, but it wouldn't be very neighborly, would it? It's also stooping to their disgusting, moronic level. I'm doing my best to ignore their nonsense. Maybe someday they'll see the error of their ways. But I won't hold my breath.