Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Right's Baseless Slurs

I suppose it is to be expected that people want to be able to blame someone for the senseless killings at Virginia Tech. But there are two Virginia bloggers who are blowing whatever credibility they might have had by assigning blame to “The Left”—on the basis of no facts whatsoever. First we have this idiotic post by VirginiaVirtucon which takes a few words in Cho Seung-hui’s manifesto (inaccurately called a suicide note by VV)--words already removed from their context by law enforcement, filtered by newspapers and further twisted by the blogger--about rich kids and religion, and the blogger decides that who else but a Leftist would want to attack rich kids and Christians. That vile nonsense is stretched so thin a blind man could see through it. It may turn out that VV is right. But it may just as easily turn out that Cho's devoutly Christian mother taught him in furtherance of her “Christian values” that his fellow Hokies were the spawn of the Devil and in the name of Jesus Christ he should mow them down with his Glock. That’s as reasonable an interpretation of the five or six words we've seen as VV’s, so can we please just wait for some real information before we assign blame?

And then there is RightWingLiberal, who starts out rationally by suggesting it’s too soon to know what drove Cho to do what he did, but then RWL decides it’s probable that Cho was influenced by Korean leftists. As it happens, I also know a fair bit about Korea and its political extremists (I lived there for a couple of years, have been back a dozen or so times, and speak some Korean), and I can tell you that Cho’s tactics resemble the militaristic right-wing more than they do the left. And besides, he left Korea when he was 8; the fact that at 23 he hadn’t become a U.S. citizen yet is hardly indicative of his Korean loyalties.

Like VV, RWL has stretched a tiny bit of information into a conclusion that is transparent and hollow.


Catzmaw said...

Good lord, you have a young man as sick as this guy was and these nincompoops are trying to fix blame according to their own political lights? What they don't get is that it really isn't about the politics. The disturbed mind will seize on any excuse or rationale to justify bizarre behavior and it is irrelevant where the ideas come from.

Phil Chroniger said...

I do agree that it is wrong to state that somehow, this is completely the fault of the radical left.

Same as those who believe that this incident at VT was the fault of "2nd Amendment Nuts", as many liberal bloggers have so lovingly called the pro-Gun Rights activists.

Cho was a disturbed individual, and a mind as distrubed as his knows no political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

I think dragging politics into this is a bit weird. This individual was disturbed.Full stop. I am right wing by the way just browsed in, and from England. I think better explanations could include his disturbed mental state caused by anomie (like Durkheims suicide studies). Hatred nourished by his social exclusion. Maybe his race could also play a part in this (social exclusion?) I think it a bit disturbing that his plays were taken as a sign of danger. People (esp in university) should feel free to write whatever they want, but I suppose taken in the context of his disturbed behaviour also maybe its not so wrong to look at his writings too. My sympathies with all concerned and America. I do think your gun laws are just insane. We get 5 years min just for being caught in possession of any gun. quite right too.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards and his "Two Americas" nonsense may just as well have put the gun in Cho's hand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, you are out of your mind. You are proof that America is inhabited by morons. But Edwards was wrong. There are actually 3 Americas: the Rich, the Poor, and the Idiots, and you belong to the last.

Momentary Madness said...

Democracy is coming to the USA sings: Leonard Cohen in one of his songs. Ha!
Listen, left and right,
rich, poor, religions; they're all inexplicably lnked together with the various institutions that failed in their obligations to stop Hui, and to stop the many before that, and will continue to fail, until there is a sense of real justice. Justice in the literal sense: fairness.
It's time we got off the merry-go-round of projecting our shadow on to other people and groups; stand up and take our responsibility for what is happening in our societies today.
Sure there is left, right, rich, poor, religion, race a myriad of creeds; till you're blue in the face. The one thing that perpetuates the conflict between them all is a lack of fairness. If the central pole is fair and the pull equal there a balance is created and harmony shall heal. Amen!
And I personally have no belief but only what I know. Belife is blinkered. Y:-) Paddy