Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not the Same

SWAC Girl is showing her ignorance again, although she's not alone. The whole Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/Reactionary crowd is rushing to the defense of Bush and his lackey Gonzalez over the improper firing of the U.S. Attorneys, and their argument is standard issue: Clinton did it too, and worse!

Except they've got it wrong again. It is customary for an incoming President to replace the U.S. Attorneys, and that's what Clinton did when he came into office. The same is true of other political appointees, ambassadors, etc. It happens every time.

What does NOT happen is for the President to fire his own political appointees just because they aren't towing the party line, which is what happened here. Pressure was brought on most of the fired appointees and THAT is what is improper. Gonzalez should be fired. Period.

For a great discussion of the issue, see Democratic Central

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zen said...

Another thing the reactionary crowd mischaracterizes is the fact that this is not soley a partisan issue, as much as they love to spin it to be.
Quite a number of Republicans find the behavior of Gonzales improper. Some Republicans go so far as to call for his firing/resignation.
Kyle Sampson has resigned over it. Gonzales admits mistakes. So does Bush. The e-mails support with certainty that the firing were political, and further that the sworn testimony merely days before by the GA were lies.