Friday, March 23, 2007

A New Holocaust? Just Say No!

I attended a program today dealing with the aftermath of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis--how it is remembered by the survivors and families of victims, by those who collaborated with the Nazis and by those who aided the Jews, and how memory can be altered. There is an inevitable link between the historic anti-Semitism that resulted in the Holocaust (and, of course, ongoing persecution of Israel) with current relations between Israel and Arab countries, and between Islam and the West generally. These are all challenging problems of course, but I continue to be shocked by those voices (a small minority, I hope, but I fear otherwise) who identify all Moslems with terrorism and who advocate as a solution to the terrorism problem the killing of all Moslems. Among these voices are some Israelis and other Jews who surely should know that the “final solution” is no solution at all. And I wonder if some day we will look back at this moment and ask if there was more we could have done to prevent the evil that these new fascists wish to bring down upon us. This is why we should all speak up for Peace.

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