Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kill Ann Coulter's Column--Write Your Newspaper

SWAC Girl, who never met a bigot she didn't love, has launched a campaign to save Ann Coulter's column in the Harrisonburg paper. She suggests that all her reactionary buddies write the paper to urge them to keep the column. Thanks to SWAC Girl for the link, I wrote and urged them to cancel the column. I invite you to do the same. Ann Coulter is an evil hate-monger and we shouldn't give her an audience. Write to

Thanks to Fractured Nation for this link to Media Matters for more on this story.


Michael Oliver said...

Hell yes, let's commit censorship in the name of liberalism! Voltaire, you ain't.

Unknown said...

No censorship involved, DP. Hateful Annie is free to say whatever she wants, and I'm free to advertise in or buy any newspaper I want--and I want my newspapers to carry columns by responsible journalists, not bigoted crusaders. It's all about capitalism, and I'd think a wing nut such as yourself would understand that.