Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Future of Islam

Note to Valley Reactionaries (also known as the Flat Earth Society): here’s your chance to educate yourself about Islam. I know you think you know everything you need to know (about everything), but the truth is that the world does not end at the borders of Augusta County. And as much as you’d wish otherwise (no matter how many Moslems you kill in your immoral crusade), Islam isn’t going away. So, if you can muster enough gumption to venture into Rockingham County, and if you can expand your narrow little minds just a bit, you might learn something from Reza Aslan who is speaking at Bridgewater College on March 28 at 7:30pm in Cole Hall on “The Future of Islam: Toward the Islamic Reformation.” Your ignorance about the rest of the world truly amazes me. This is a golden opportunity to learn.

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