Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Democrat to Run Against Goodlatte in 6th District

Sam Rasoul, from Blue Ridge, Virginia, visited a meeting of the Augusta County Democratic Committee last night to let us know that he is running for the Democratic Party nomination for Representative from the 6th District. A few other Democrats have been exploring a run, so there may be a competitive caucus in May of 2008, but at least we do have someone this time to run against Goodlatte, who is too conservative and has overstayed his welcome in Congress. Time for Bob to retire!

Sam is an articulate, intelligent young man with passion to serve. He is focusing on Health Care, Education and Small Business Development in his campaign. Although few know him right now, by getting this early of a start there will be a whole lot of people who know him by this time next year. Good luck Sam!

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Phriendly Jaime said...

GOOD. I read somewhere last night that Goodlatte is the most conervative voter in Virginia. That's reason enough to boot him.