Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cancer Comeback

What a horrible coincidence that both Tony Snow and Elisabeth Edwards have discovered in recent days that their battles with cancer are not over. We’re pulling for both of them, and everyone else faced with cancer. Consider supporting cancer research by donating to two of my favorite organizations: The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Susen G. Komen Foundation.


zen said...

Thought this was brilliant.

Unknown said...

Great cartoon. It does seem like the GOP has become the party of messy divorces. But we gotta stop those gays from getting married! Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Both the wife and I found Elizabeth's wishes to have her husband run for president very courageous. I sincerely hope she recovers. I became angered at some conservative buddies of mine when they commented that they hope the worse for her. Same goes for the clowns that declare they hope Tony Snow dies.

Cancer is an awful thing. I wish we could find a cure.