Monday, March 12, 2007

Blood-thirsty Republicans?

It’s no secret that a large anti-war demonstration is planned for this Saturday in Washington. The Pro-peace crowd isn’t exclusively Democratic (since almost three-quarters of the country oppose the war, there have to be a substantial number of Republicans who agree with us) but the folks planning counter demonstrations, in Washington and elsewhere, are made up almost entirely of Republicans. (There is a dishonest attempt to make such pro-war rallies into “support the troops” demonstrations, but this is rhetorical nonsense. We all support the troops--personally I want to support them by bringing them home and making sure they get adequate medical care--but that’s not really what these demonstrators are talking about; their aim is killing Iraqis specifically and Moslems generally.)

How did this happen? When did the Republicans get so blood-thirsty and racist? Is it because of their slavish devotion to the arrogant Bush and his crusading cronies? Is it because of their own hatred of all things foreign, especially all things non-Christian, non-white and foreign? Is it because of their own arrogance and determination to enslave the rest of the world? Is it simply a question of bigotry? Ignorance?

Here’s my message to the pro-war demonstrators:

If you REALLY support the troops, you’d oppose the war.
The occupation of Iraq is about oil and domination, and is immoral. It was never about weapons of mass destruction. Bush lied to all of us.
George Bush is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.
By supporting the war, you support these killings.
By supporting the war, you support the creation of new generations of terrorists.
George Bush is trampling on the rights of Americans and you are helping him do it. George Bush is destroying America and you are helping him do it.
George Bush's belligerant militarism is pure fascism.
The blood of hundreds of thousands is on your hands.

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