Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WPIH: The Worst President in History

From The Nation

Bush's 'Legacy'
by Herbert Mitgang

The White House PR machine keeps making noises about the Bush regime's
"legacy." This "legacy" will not include any domestic legislation, since
there is none to speak of--unless, perhaps, Bush signs a law declaring
that the polar bear is an endangered species (so are ordinary Americans,
but that's another story).

Surely, George W. ("I'm the decider") Bush will be remembered for one
thing: the folly of his pre-emptive war in Iraq.

Here's his legacy:

One: The United States has lost the Iraq War. Bush has failed as
Commander in Chief.

Two: The Bush regime has blood on its hands. It's responsible for at
least 25,000 US casualties (killed and wounded).

Three: The United States has spent roughly $400 billion, and counting,
to finance this lost cause.

Four: The United States is responsible for exacerbating sectarian war in
Iraq and other nations, causing thousands of civilian deaths.

Five: The United States has been diminished in the United Nations and
has tarnished its glory around the world.

All of the above prove that Bush has been the most dangerous President
in American history.

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1 comment:

Mosquito said...

You forgot....

Bush responsible for the largest deficit in American History.

Bush and his White House staff "cooked" the intelligence and LIED to Congress and the American people in order to launch an ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq...Bush and his White House Cronies are responsible for "outing" an undercover CIA agent who was in charge of WMD issues in the Middle East....these are crimes of treason....