Sunday, February 11, 2007

Virginia Fair Trial Project

Virginia's [lack of] support for public defenders is disgraceful. Fortunately there are bills before both the House and Senate that would improve the situation. For more information about the problem and the pending legislation, visit the Virginia Fair Trial Project and contact your Senator and Delegate to urge their support.

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Anonymous said...

I consider myself a "Patriot" ... however, I am beginning to question what I am patriotic to.
I thought this country was "by the people, for the people ... ." It appears to me that the "American Way" is now by the rich, for the rich ... anything goes, depending on how much money you have.
Coming from a heritage that includes a long line of combat veterans in many wars, I just cannot believe what is happening to this country today.
We cannot equip our troops with the proper gear they need; we over-extend their tours of duty; we keep sending more troops overseas to fight other countries' battles; we are not supporting the wounded when they come back (with adequate health care and/or mental health care); and the list goes on. Seems like this started when we were trying to get Bin Laden. But, somehow we ended up in another country, where we were successful in capturing a bunch of terrorists, including their leader. Are we still looking for Bin Laden? I know we are supposed to be fighting "terrorism" but are we really fighting against terrorism, or are we creating terrorism? ... Or, are we just "looking" for a fight? What seems to have started as a "good cause" has become one of questionable cause.
Look at the proud, patriotic men who have given up "careers" and status and money to show support for our Government and fight for what our country stands for (or is supposed to stand for). Good American men, some of which are dying due to "friendly fire" ... we give them medals. Now, the government seems to think a "medal" will compensate for the lack of truth and the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding the "friendly" fire death of a young man who gave up a promising career to "serve his country." Is this a just government? The war is being questioned by many now ... Is it still by the people, for the people ... I wonder.
Our judicial system is not based on justice; it is based on who you know; how much you can afford to pay to "prove" you are innocent; being adequately defended by an attorney who works for "justice" and not for the "system" ... (i.e., medical malpractice attorneys hire "experts" to swear that a procedure caused irrepairable medical damages; huge amounts are awarded to "patients" who suffered due to malpractice; the "patient" ends up with a "fraction" of the amount of the award; the bulk of the settlement goes to the attorneys and experts and for costs incurred to "prove" that the malpractice actually occurred). The injustice seems to have worked its way up ... all the way to the "top!" Our country really needs to get back to the basics. President Bush has the "power," but where has it got us?! United States Attorney Generals are assigned by the President; then fired; then he assigns new ones ... is that the way it works? The basis of the recent firing of the Attorney Generals was "a performance issue" ... they gain merit (raises--big raises) based on the number of "convictions!" The creditibility of many of the various departments of our government is being questioned; however, they still are allowed to continue their immoral, unjust practices and are given promotions, etc., based on "ratio of convictions" rather than validity and integrity. Whether it is based on the truth, or just serves our judicial appointees and the system determines the outcome.
I thought that one of the MAIN principles of our judicial system was supposed to be "innocent until PROVEN guilty" ... not so for many. Gag orders are being placed on some, while allegations are smeared all over the media to "prove" that a crime has been committed prior to trial. Investigators are leaking information to the public regarding "high profile" cases and pre-convicting the accused. Additional punishment/charges are literally used as threats if they speak up against the leaks and/or issues involved in the case. Yet investigators can release defamatory statements regarding issues/investigations, etc., to any person(s) they please in an attempt to "strengthen" their case. Is this political? I guess not ... unless you are a part of the "system." If you have friends in the right places, on the other hand, you can do just about anything and not have to fear the wrath of our leaders and/or systems' double standards ... you can commit perjury and get away with it; make false statements about anyone you want; waste taxpayers' money on frivolous investigations and/or expenditures in general; and get promoted and have governmental job stability.
What is wrong with this picture? What has happened to our country?
It scares me because I was so busy "supporting" the people that were believing in this country and what the majority of us believe it to stand for, that I lost track of what was really happening ... I never thought that corruption could be so wide spread as it is today. I would like to say that we, as citizens, should stand up and do something about it, but I cannot, and would not suggest anyone else try, for fear of reprisal. Right or wrong, if you stand up for what you believe in, you are wasting your time and could suffer because of it. I am so sorry for others, like myself, who honestly believed that we are all in this together ... because the bottom line is we are not ... we are not equal ... we do not have liberty and certainly not justice for all ... God, please bless America!!!!