Friday, January 05, 2007

What are the Reactionaries trying to pull?

I noted in an earlier post that SWAC Girl and other Reactionary Bloggers have been passing around a list of supposed muslim terrorist attacks. Their clear motivation is fan the flames of hate against Islam, in much the same way, it seems to me, that the Nazis instilled hatred of Jews. Is that we are headed? Do the Reactionaries advocate a "final solution" for Moslems? If not, what is the purpose of this list. (By the way, I wonder if I should take a page from our phony blogging friend Maxfield/Dog/Alex and photoshop a picture of a GOP elephant with a swastika on its side. That would at least balance somewhat the incendiary--not satiric as he claims--work that he and the others do with a donkey.)

Take a look at the list on SWAC Girl. You'll notice that many of them--the list should be closely scrutinized--don't have anything to do with Islam: Oklahoma City? Kimpo? Tokyo? and many others. And furthermore, many of the Islamic "terror" acts are part of the ongoing clash with Israel, which is a whole separate issue.

So, SWAC Girl and Rightside and the rest of you who are promulgating this list, what is that you're really trying to say? I trust that your meaning is this: Terrorism is a problem, but it isn't an Islamic problem; it's a universal problem.


James Young said...

Gee, I wonder what's more akin to "the Nazis instill[ing] hatred of Jews"? What SWAC Girl did, or by suggesting that Islamicist attacks on Israel "is a whole separate issue"?

Anonymous said...

The point of the list is that terrorism is a big problem. It is not an exclusively Islamic problem, but it is disproportionately perpetrated by radical Muslims.

Implying that people who disagree with you are Nazis is not an effective method of argumentation.

Unknown said...

I see nothing that implies that people who disagree with me are Nazis. I drew a parallel between the tactics of the Reactionary Bloggers (and others of the radical right) and the Nazis. The fact is that I am not the first to suggest that George Bush has taken this country down a fascist path, and certainly the beligerant nationalism of many "conservatives" is consistent with that assessment.

As for noting that there is a difference between attacks against Israel and some of the other terrorism, I merely mean to suggest that Israel is not entirely without blame. We certainly have not made Israel's situation more comfortable by our own arrogant behavior in the Middle East, however.

Finally, I agree that the list raises an alarm bell about terrorism, although SWAC Girl implies that the entire list is one of acts by Moslems; that's typical of the Reactionary (not to mention Republican) fact twisting.

Unknown said...

Mr. Young left the following comment which at first I deleted but then decided I should share:

"You really need to grow up, Cliff. Particularly in light of your affinity for reactionary liberalism."

Grow up? That's the kind of retort I'm pretty sure I put behind me when I was about 10. But his childishness aside, I think instead of "growing up" what we all need to do is "wake up" to the danger of fascism in this country, Mr. Young included. It isn't a joking matter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but no one reads them. It's best to ignore "crazy" instead of giving it attention. Plus, they are all one person. It is quite obvious by looking at their sites side by side. Elle, Swac, GGD, John Maxfield; all one and the same person. Pretty sad, huh?

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment and you did not allow it. I was merely stating that the Swac group is made up of one person pretending to be more. It certainly wasn't offensive to you, so why not post it?

Unknown said...

Dear Anon,
It's not that I didn't allow it, but I'm traveling and only just now (Saturday morning) saw the comments you left on Friday. Blogging isn't a full time job, you know? So here are your comments in full.