Monday, January 22, 2007

Priorities for the New Congress

Katrina vanden Heuvel in The Nation lists ten existing bills that should be passed by the new Congress (some partially addressed during the “first 100 hours”):

1. Healthcare for All (HR 676)—a single payer healthcare system expanding Medicare to everyone. See HealthCare-Now.
2. Counting Every Vote. (HR 550)—requiring a voter-verified paper trail for all voting systems.
3. Healthy families Act (HR 1902)—requiring most employers to provide one week of paid sick leave for many employees.
4. The Right to Organize (HR 1696)—requiring union recognition after a majority of workers authorize representation.
5. No Permanent Bases in Iraq (House Conference Resolution 197).
6. Stop Outsourcing Torture (HR 952).
7. Access to Higher Education (HR 5150)—“Reverse the Raid on Student Aid Act”—cutting interest rates on college loans.
8. Free and Independent Media (HR 3302)—reducing the number of media outlets one company is permitted to own in a single market.
9. Public Financing of Campaigns (HR 3099).
10. Clean Energy (S 2829)—aimed at reducing US petroleum consumption.

This agenda would be a great start to reversing the damage caused by the Bush administration.

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