Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Republican Bigotry Runs Deep

In case we thought it was only Virgil Goode and George Allen who were the bigots in the Republican Party of Virginia, we need to think again. A post today by SWAC Girl makes it clear that she believes America has something to fear from a bloc of Moslem voters in Northern Virginia. Which suggests she fears Islam because she equates it with terrorism. Which is her way of saying, "I’m an ignorant bigot and proud of it."

It’s no surprise, given the bigotry of George Allen and other Virginia Republican’ts (that's my new name for the Republicans--what do you think?), that the Northern Virginia Moslems tended to vote Democratic. And what’s really disturbing here is that SWAC Girl doesn’t see that she’s undermining the American Constitution by spreading innuendo and lies about a religion that's no more dangerous than her own. It’s shameful.

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