Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What's Going on Here?

I'm delighted with Jim Webb's victory over George Allen last night, as narrow as the margin is. If there were irregularities, as the Allen camp is saying, I think we know it will be discovered that the Republicans were up to their usual dirty tricks. It was also wonderful to have the huge margin of victory in House races, and it looks like we'll also have control of the Senate. Watching President Bush's face has been a wonderful reward for all the hard work.

But what about here in the Shenandoah Valley? What's wrong with these people? Why are they so far out of touch with what is happening in the rest of the state and the nation? It looks like Webb received under 31% of the local vote, despite the very hard work of dozens of folks. What is it about this area that makes so many people:

clueless about the rest of the world;
care nothing about issues like health care and poverty alleviation;
anxious to continue an illegal, immoral and deadly war;
willing to inspire new generations of terrorists who will try to kill their children;
selfish; and

It's all very depressing, but I am hopeful that the new leadership in the House and the Senate will reach out to try to build unity in Congress that may show these right-wing extremists among us that there is a better way.


cafe de emporia said...

where did you go cliff? no answers to the facts?

Unknown said...

Asked and answered, John. And besides, I saw no facts presented. Time to move on and get back to work. Have a nice life.