Monday, October 30, 2006

Vote Democratic (even if you're a Republican)

Here's my letter in today's News Leader.

Many people in this area think they are Republicans, because that's the way it's been for years and the lies and twisted rhetoric of the Republicans sound convincing. Now, before the election, is a perfect time to take stock. Valley citizens might be surprised to learn they have more in common with the Democratic Party than they realized!
If you favor fiscal responsibility, vote Democratic. Under President Clinton, the federal budget was balanced; under President Bush, we are experiencing deficits that threaten to derail the economy and jeopardize our well-being. Democrats don't love taxes any more than Republicans, but we do believe that it is critical to balance the budget and invest in essential services to assure an equitable future for all.
If you favor national security, vote Democratic. Republicans would have you believe that Democrats are weak on national security, but that is not true. Most Democrats believe security resources can be used more effectively. We are wasting lives and money in Iraq; that must change. But America must also remain strong, we must stay vigilant against terrorism; we must restore our international relations with our allies. After 9/11 we had an opportunity to unite the world against terrorism; instead, our arrogance has inspired new generations of terrorists who will threaten world peace for decades, if not centuries.
If you favor personal responsibility, vote Democratic. Legislating behavior doesn't work. We are all motivated by personal interest — Republicans understand this better than anyone — and resent when someone else's views are imposed on us.
What we ought to address is poverty. There is a shocking income disparity in this country, with many millions of people living in deplorable circumstances. Before we tell people what they can or cannot do with their own bodies, we ought to ensure that there is opportunity for the poor to participate in the economy. Right now, thanks to Republican policies, our economic system is pushing more and more women and children into hunger and despair. That's just wrong.
If you favor freedom of speech, vote Democratic. If you favor civil rights and fairness, vote Democratic. If you favor better health care and education for all citizens—not just a privileged few—vote Democratic. The list goes on, and the conclusion is clear. Support Jim Webb and the Democratic Party on Nov. 7.

And here's the link to the online version, although that may not be live for long.


quasar10 said...

I see the Leader endorsed Allen--kind of refutes some local postings on swac girl and rightside about how the Leader is a Democratic mouthpiece. But, it wasn't a wholehearted endorsement. In fact the Leader said "We urge Sen. Allen to evolve further...." oops... evolution isn't possible for a Repub is it?

Unknown said...

Yes. If they have any integrity (big if, I realize), SWAC Girl and Rightside and all the other whiners will denounce this latest News Leader atrocity. I love the "evolution" comment!