Sunday, October 29, 2006


. . . not something with which George Allen and the Republicans are very familiar. Their latest stupidity is attacking Jim Webb's novels as, among other things, demeaning to women. But Webb, fortunately, is responding to this nonsense: "I have written about what I have seen and that is the duty of a writer. . . . Maybe George Allen doesn't undertand that because I'm told George Allen doesn't read books. . . I've lived in the real world and represented the real world in my writing. I saw its ugliness while George Allen was hanging out on a dude ranch."

Local bloggers have been similarly absurd in their characterization of Webb's fiction. SWAC Girl, in particular, has been negative, but I'm reasonably sure the only fiction she's familiar with is the Bible, so I can't take her literary criticism too seriously. SWAC Girl and others can't win on the issues, so they're stooping to these ridiculously irrelevant and illogical arguments.

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Anonymous said...

More GOP hypocrisy came out of the Allen campaign this week - his mudslinging thrown at Webb because of passages in his novels. Allen must be the guy with the matches in Fahrenheit 451. Nothing like taking things out of context. Perhaps some in the GOP can’t read the entire novel and can only find the “juicy” parts. Perhaps some in the GOP don’t understand how a novelist has to paint an accurate picture with words to create a setting, be it good, bad, or ugly. Perhaps some in the GOP can’t understand that by bringing the horrors of war and the horrors found in some subcultures that demean women and abuse children, Webb the novelist was raising our awareness and sensitivity.

Perhaps some in the GOP would like to check out this GOP reading list found on

In 1981, Vice President Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne wrote a book called Sisters, which featured a lesbian love affair, brothels and attempted rapes. In 1988, Lynne Cheney wrote about a Republican vice president who dies of a heart attack while having sex with his mistress.

Former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich co-wrote a thriller called 1945, featuring such titillations as biting foreplay, "pouting sex kitten," "exotic mistress" and "after-bout inhalation." At one point, the mistress of the president's chief of staff sits "athwart" her lover's chest and hisses that he must tell her a secret "or I will make you do terrible things."

In 1996, former Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis Libby wrote The Apprentice, a novel that includes references to bestiality, pedophilia and rape.

In 1999, former GOP Governor William Weld said of his book, Big Ugly, "I think of the theme of this book is sex and money meets the great outdoors." Weld’s thriller included sex, bribery and murder.

This week, it was discovered that a Republican statewide candidate in Texas, Susan Combs, wrote a romance novel "full of steamy sex scenes." The book’s heroine is "a freckle-faced brunette" who is drawn to "the gray-eyed bodyguard" and his "powerful, strong arms," and desires him to "fill the aching void at her center," where a "deep heaviness throbbed in her belly."